8594) I feel like I’m faking this.

3-4/100 pictures of mariska hargitay

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8585) I feel so stupid for ever thinking I had control over this.

8586) So you call me fat “just kidding” and then tell me I need to gain weight? Can you please make up your mind?

8587) My ED is just another way for me to hurt myself. It’s not even about losing weight anymore.


1-10? No, Chriska/Bensler are a 16.


1-10? No, Chriska/Bensler are a 16.

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Things end. There are things historically that have come to an end. Why is this different? Why is this an exception? Things simply end. People figure out, people band together to brings things to an end. Things end. And this is not different.

Peter Hermann

Together we can END domestic violence and sexual assault. No more.

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